Marla Borkson

Marla BorksonMarla Borkson is a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida and attended the University of Florida.  Marla graduated with a degree in Political Science, a minor in Geography and focuses on Arabic and Chinese language.  After graduation, Marla moved to Chengdu, China where she lived for multiple years studying and working with Mandarin and regional sub-dialects of Chinese.  Marla wrote columns from a foreigner’s perspective for a local magazine as well as translations for local entities.  Marla also lived and worked in Kathmandu, Nepal where she worked with International Non-governmental Organizations in the education sector.  Marla has extensively traveled the South Asian region and enjoys learning the local languages and dialects.  Marla graduated from Washington University in St Louis School of Law in 2017 and is working as a tax lawyer for the government in Washington, DC.