Coastal, Marine and Water-Based Tourism

Program Focus

  1. To provide research expertise pertaining to coastal, marine and water-based (rivers, lakes, springs, etc.) tourism planning and development.
  2. To measure and understand the public’s beliefs, attitudes, intentions and behaviors as they utilize and enjoy water based attractions, parks, beaches, marinas, piers, wildlife-refuges and associated activities such as fishing, boating, SCUBA, beaching, surfing, bird watching, etc.
  3. To document economic benefits as well as inform policy formulation for coastal and marine resources management, including rivers, lakes and estuarine environments in Florida and beyond.

Research Areas

  • Water-based activity participation and demand
  • Coastal and marine fishing, boating, and beaching: behavior and attitudes of participants
  • Management of coastal parks, beaches, refuges and protected areas
  • Impacts of tourism and recreation on coastal and marine environments
  • Coastal fisheries management
  • Coastal and marine tourism planning
  • Economic impact of parks, beaches, rivers, and associated tourism and recreational activities
  • Comprehensive planning and future demand projections for coastal activities

Program Coordinator: Stephen M. Holland, Ph.D.

Research Projects

    • Rainbow River Environmental Study (2012)
    • The Operations and Economics of the For-Hire Fishing Fleets of the South Atlantic States and the Atlantic Coast of Florida (2012)
    • Florida Public Beach Access: Gulf Peninsula County Reports (2010)
    • A Stated Preference Choice Model Approach to Understanding Angler Preferences for Various Fishing Trip Options (2009)
    • Evaluating Suwannee River Water Management District Recreational Programs: Phase I (2007) & Phase II (2009)
    • Florida Public Beach Access: West Florida County Reports (2008)
    • Mapping Florida Public Beach Access Sites (2007)
    • Countywide Waterways Master Plan for Alachua County, Florida (2006-2007)
    • Recreational Fisheries Extension Outreach to the People of Florida (2006)
    • Implication of US population Growth for Recreational Fishing (2000)
    • Development of an Economic Impact Assessment Methodology for Occurrence of Red Tide: Sarasota County, Florida (1999)
    • Operations and Economics of the Charter and Party Boat Fleets of the Eastern Gulf of Mexico and South Atlantic Coasts (1999)
    • Modeling the Effects of Fisheries Regulations and Trip Attributes on Angler Behavior: Florida Coastal Regions (1998)
    • Social Science and Historical Perspective of the Saltwater Fishing Resources of Palm Beach County, Florida (1998)
    • Access to the Coast in Florida (1995)
    • Human and Environmental Dimensions of the Recreational Use of Blue Run and Rainbow Springs State Park, Florida (1994)
    • Assessing Angler Preference for Management Actions Directed at Marine Recreational Fisheries (1993)
    • Florida Public Beach Access Inventory with Evaluation and Needs Assessment (1993)
    • Recreational Value of Near-Shore Species for different Regions of Florida (1992)
    • Socioeconomic Impact Monitoring of Artificial Reefs in Florida (1992)
    • Regional Analysis of Marine Recreational Fisheries Participation and Attitudes about Fisheries Management (1992)

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