Tourism Crisis Management

Program Focus

  1. To provide assistance for tourism and hospitality organizations/destinations to be prepared when challenged with catastrophic events.
  2. To identify best planning practices for extraordinary events that might disrupt normal business operations.
  3. To provide training for tourism and hospitality organizations/destinations to become prepared for catastrophic events.

Research Areas

  • Tourism crisis management planning for local, state, and national agencies
  • Visitor attitudes and behaviors associated with tourism crisis
  • Best practices for crisis planning, preparedness, response, and recovery issues
  • Best practices in tourism crisis communication
  • Crisis reduction, readiness, response and recovery efforts from natural-and human-induced disasters
  • Impacts of crisis events on visitors, industry personnel, destination image, and economic well-being of communities

Program Coordinator: Lori Pennington-Gray, Ph.D.

Research Projects

  • Tourism Crisis Management Initiative: Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute (2007-2012)
  • Identifying the Factors that Influence the Evacuation Decisions of Florida Tourists when Hurricanes Strike (2009)
  • Review of Florida State Parks Emergency Action Component Plans (2009)
  • Analysis of State Tourism Organizations (STOs) Tourism Crisis Plans (2009)
  • Crisis Preparedness in the U.S. Tourism Industry (2008)
  • Florida CVB/TDC Tourism Crisis Plan Evaluation (2008)
  • Hurricanes, Coastal Tourism and Visitor Displacement in Florida (2003)
  • Wildfires and Tourist Behaviors in Florida (2001)

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