Distinguished Speaker Series

EFTI’s Distinguished Speaker Series Program offers an excellent opportunity to invite outstanding national and international speakers to address various tourism related topics from various sectors that includes academics, industry, non-government organizations, government, etc. In addition to the featured presentation, the speakers provide an interactive dialogue with faculty and students in various settings such as panels, issues forums, informal discussions, seminars, and classroom visits. The objective of the Speaker Series is to encourage discussion and debate about innovative ideas, contemporary issues, as well as an opportunity to network for faculty and students.

Speakers are nominated and approved by the core members of the Institute with input from the faculty in the Department of Tourism, Recreation and Sport Management. Speakers are invited to campus during the fall and spring semesters, and the number of speakers varies during the academic year. EFTI also partners with various Affiliate Centers, Institutes and Programs with respect to jointly hosting speakers, and is largely dependent on the ability to reach a broad audience on campus. Speaker Series are advertised on campus via various electronic and print outlets. Typically, the coordination of a speaker’s travel logistics and associated expenses are all covered by EFTI and other available funding sources.

The Distinguished Speakers Series Program is extremely beneficial for faculty and students as well as for the speakers. Currently, an excellent opportunity exists to financially support the Speaker Series through an endowment as well as Naming rights. For more information, please visit: Support EFTI.

For a list of upcoming speakers, click here.

Below is a sample of speakers that have visited in the past few years: