Exploring Social Enterprise – Kenya

The Tourism Innovation Partnership for Social Entrepreneurship (TIPSE Network) is a network of leading universities and social enterprises committed to bridge a substantial gap in knowledge of and support for social entrepreneurship (SE) in the higher education community serving the travel, tourism and hospitality sector. TIPSE’s founding partners are Oxford Brooks University (UK), University of Florida (USA), University of Guelph (Canada), Adventure Alternative and the Tourism Changemaker’s Forum.

This Social Enterprise field trip is a Moving Mountains/TIPSE led inspirational event for tourism & hospitality students who wish to become change-makers in their discipline in order to passionately and courageously transform the world for the better. The trip is designed to take participants completely outside their normal environments and connect them with like-minded students from around the world.

Kenya 2015 TIPSE version from Colin Angell on Vimeo.


About Adventure Alternative

Adventure Alternative is an independent travel company which was started in 1991 by adventurer Gavin Bate and developed organically over many years of travelling and climbing around the world. It is now a well established company with an emphasis on responsible travel and a high level of knowledge and experience.

They believe in responsible travel and running a ‘good business’. Their model is aimed towards local ownership of suppliers, equitable salaries, and making sure that our brand translates into real benefits for people and the communities where we visit. Ultimately they want holidays to provide some social, economic or environmental value as well as a financial return.

About Moving Mountains

Moving Mountains was started by Adventure Alternative founder Gavin Bate in 1991 during his years of travelling and developmental aid work in the slums of Nairobi, the mountains of Nepal and the rainforests of Borneo. It has its administrative overheads paid for by Adventure Alternative and all the Trustees work voluntarily.

Moving Mountains UK provides the strategy for the future of all the charitable aims and pays for the bulk of the projects and programmes, and it determines the content of all the trips that Adventure Alternative provides for the charity. This is to ensure that the emphasis is on the developmental impact of the trip.

The primary aims of Moving Mountains are to provide aid for the relief of hardship, poverty, suffering and inequality through education and vocational training, medical treatment, sport and employment. It also provides capital to build, renovate and maintain schools, orphanages, community centres and environmental projects, all of which must show a positive socio-economic impact on the population. The money for all of this is fundraised by volunteers and groups who come out on a trip which is organised by Adventure Alternative.


This trip is designed to provide participants with a greater insight and first-hand experience on social entrepreneurship, through an underlying company policy of ‘commerce supporting charity.’

Every trip that Adventure Alternative runs is linked with the development of the local community, village or area through Moving Mountains, under the policy of using tourism to create development and wealth in developing countries. Participants will get the opportunity to meet the Kenyan staff and understand how AA has empowered young people through training and employment opportunities. Participants will also get the chance to visit our projects and get hands-on experience helping in classes; giving their time and energy and building their understanding of international development.

Adventure Alternative and the charity Moving Mountains have demonstrated that charity and commerce can work together-which is the corporate policy “Our clients, teachers and medical students as well as people who visit as volunteers, all contribute to the charity” – a drip feed idea that has had phenomenal results over the years.

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Trip Date:

Arrive: January 5, 2016
Depart: January 14, 2016

Proposed Itinerary

Trip Costs (in British Pounds)
For conversion to US dollars click here

Total paid to Adventure Alternative (per person): £450

Compulsory Fundraising target for Moving Mountains (per person): £250
Note: The Moving Mountains contribution of £250 directly supports some of the children, families, communities and projects which you will visit as well as subsidising the trip costs for local peer mates.

Price Includes:

  • Accommodation throughout trip provided by AA walk-in Safari Tents/Dorms (Embu & Blueline Hotel).
  • All transport and airport transfers provided in AA Kenya’s converted overland Safari truck.
  • All group camping equipment (tents, generator, first aid kit & cooking equipment).
  • All meals and bottled water provided (3 meals per day).
  • All staff costs – group of 6 full time AA & MM staff who will remain with the team throughout the trip.
  • All costs of the Kenyan volunteers who you will team up with in Nairobi/Embu and who will partner you throughout the trip.
  • Tourists Activities in Nairobi (David Sheldricks Elephant Sanctuary and Giraffe Centre).
  • Nature Reserve Fee’s & Camping Fee’s at Suswa.

Reasons to Apply

  • Open to all students (Undergraduate or Graduate).
  • Open to all majors (strongly recommended for Tourism and Business Majors).
  • Provides great international volunteer opportunities.
  • Meet students and people from other universities around the world.
  • A unique opportunity that will stand out on a resume.

If you are interested in this opportunity please contact Arielle Gousse (agousse@ufl.edu) for more information.